"The goal of Baby Steps Signing is to help parents
communicate with their young children;
they will learn to sign together,
one baby step at a time."

Parents, grandparents, or guardians can attend with or without their 0-3 year old child(ren) to learn how to communicate through Baby Sign Language. Whether the child is hearing, deaf, hard of hearing, or non-verbal, all are welcome.

The course will highlight signs that are essential for life for a 0-3 year old, as well as basic family, food, clothing, toileting, alphabet, number and miscellaneous signs. Songs, videos, flash cards, and presentations will be used.

The course will be provided through the Bristol, TN YMCA to members of the YMCA as well as the community. Videos of the class will be available online, and individuals who have paid for and are enrolled in the in-person course will have free, unlimited access to the recordings. The courses will also be made available to individuals who pay for online access who are not already enrolled in the in-person class.

Learning materials and other products are available for purchase to all, regardless of enrollment status.

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For more information about the course we offer, or if you have any questions, please visit our Registration page to contact us.